Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mid Holiday Update

Another week has rushed by, friends have come and gone. We have regulars who visit us almost every Summer in Spain and love our home here as much as we do. This property is made for large gatherings and everyone mucks in and helps so having visitors is not a chore. Our South London friends had a ghastly journey home which stressed them out - such a shame as they had such a relaxing time here. A very long all day delay at Alicante Airport was the pits, especially as they were given the grand total of 6 euros each for food! On the day they left my pal Mrs B. flew in and we have had great fun for the last week, as is the case with very old friends we don't need to entertain, she is family. Before we owned this property and when our kids were all young we regularly went on holiday together - ten in all, so we know we can share a kitchen [always a plus on a self-catering trip]. Numbers increased by another two today when the Daughter's Parents in Law joined us and when Son-in-law arrives tomorrow we will have a full house.
It promises to be a hot and sunny weekend so probably no-one will want to venture far from the pool.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Birthday Treats

Been rather remiss in keeping up with the blog - sorry. The holiday has rather taken over. The weather has been glorious and with friends arriving on the 6th I have been pretty busy. The Daughter and grandchildren are having a great time, daily swimming sessions are a highlight as are the trips to one of the many local ice cream parlours [Ibi is famous for Ice-Cream]. Saturday 7th was my birthday and I was woken with the grandchildren singing Happy Birthday which can't be a bad way to start one's 62nd year. Out into town for morning coffee and cake, afternoon by the pool and a Chocolate Birthday Cake for tea. Yes it was one naughty treat after another but we believe in celebrating birthdays in our family. In the evening we went out for dinner with our friends to a local hotel who have recently brought in a rather good chef - a lovely meal ended a perfect day.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Summer Holidays have arrived

I have been rather rushed for the last few days trying to get work projects finished prior to flying off to our place in Spain on Tuesday.

Had No.1 Grandson and No.1 Grandaughter with us on Thursday and Friday. We won't be seeing them for several weeks so put work to one side on Thursday to take them out for the day. Met up with our other two grandchildren at the British Museum and they all had great fun in the Egyptian Section with a special backpack full of questions to which they had to find the answers. No. 1 Grandaughter took charge [she is another in a long line of organising women in our family] and No.2 Grandson impressed everyone with his excellent reading of the questions [he is only 5]. No.1 Grandson from his superior 11 years had done it all before and just kept an eye on his cousins. Our biggest laugh came when No.2 Grandaughter [two and a half yrs] declared that the Mummy lying down in the glass case was Sleeping Beauty! She is currently rather keen on all things Disney.

Worked most of Thursday evening in the office to catch up.

Only managed to snatch a couple of hours during Friday to go and play a miniature golf course in the park with the two eldest grandchildren, much to my astonishment and their disbelief I got a hole in one! What a fluke.

Picked up by their Dad after dinner on Friday,said goodbye for the Summer Hols. with, of course, lots of kisses and cuddles.

This Weekend has been filled with getting ready for Spain as No. 2 Grandson says "Only 2 sleeps to go".