Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Slave to TV

It seems I am hooked yet again on a Scandinavian Crime Series - this one is called "The Bridge" and is a joint Swedish/Danish collaboration. Watching expenditure has meant less theatre trips, cinema outings and meals in restaurants and more staying in at the weekend and watching TV. I have gone French watching "Spiral", Danish with "The Killing" [both series so far], "Those who kill" and "Borgen", Italian with "Inspector Montalbano" and now here I go again. Can someone tell me why the women detectives, whatever the nationality, have to be disfunctional? The latest Swedish detective is clearly very strange [even her colleagues mention it] possibly autistic? Then we have "Homeland" an American TV import [apparently a version of a previous Israeli series] where we are asked to believe that the CIA would employ a Bipolar operative....... The fact that I actually care about any of the above is a little bit worrying - I really need to get out more.

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