Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Slave to TV

It seems I am hooked yet again on a Scandinavian Crime Series - this one is called "The Bridge" and is a joint Swedish/Danish collaboration. Watching expenditure has meant less theatre trips, cinema outings and meals in restaurants and more staying in at the weekend and watching TV. I have gone French watching "Spiral", Danish with "The Killing" [both series so far], "Those who kill" and "Borgen", Italian with "Inspector Montalbano" and now here I go again. Can someone tell me why the women detectives, whatever the nationality, have to be disfunctional? The latest Swedish detective is clearly very strange [even her colleagues mention it] possibly autistic? Then we have "Homeland" an American TV import [apparently a version of a previous Israeli series] where we are asked to believe that the CIA would employ a Bipolar operative....... The fact that I actually care about any of the above is a little bit worrying - I really need to get out more.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Back to work

March 2012 was not a good month, I, very stupidly by lifting a very heavy rubber plant, damaged my back. To cut a long and painful story short it got progressively worse until I was unable to even sit comfortably. With my Easter break in Spain getting closer and closer, with a two and a half hour plane ride to survive, things were looking decidedly dodgy. I had to stop doing my usual working days rushing around London and work from home between treatments at my osteopath. Thank goodness by 4th April when we were leaving for Spain there was reasonable improvement although I still needed to use a stick as the back problem had caused weakness in my left leg. There is however always a bright side - my walking wounded look gained us first boarding position on Easyjet! April in Spain was great and has completed my recovery so I am now back at work.

Apologies for lack of blogs I will try to get back into the normal routine soon once I have caught up with emails etc etc.