Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cosmopolitan Viewing

Last night we watched the DVD of the film "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" the original Swedish version with subtitles. I always feel it is the mark of an excellent foreign language film when you forget you are reading subtitles because you are so absorbed in the action. I have read all three books in this trilogy and can heartily recommend them and the film did not disappoint. They had to concentrate on the central story with less side characters involved than in the book which was understandable as it was over two and a half hours long even in this version.

The Man are I are getting very cosmopolitan in our TV and DVD watching lately. Apart from the Wallander series [Swedish version again] and an excellent French detective series called "Spiral", we are totally hooked on a Danish Detective Series called "The Killing" it is on BBC4 on Saturday nights from 9pm - 11pm. There are 20 episodes which they are showing in sets of 2 - I have to admit that I am trying to avoid invitations to go out on Saturday nights for the next few weeks, it is that good.

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  1. Good to hear that you enjoyed the DVD Masia Mum. I'm ashamed to say that I still haven't read any of those books, but they are on my "TO READ" list. I can't wait for the DVD of The King's Speech to come out, so that I can watch it again.
    Thank you too, for all your helpful advice about the wedding plans. My daughter is like yours, she wanted it very simple with just the people she loved to be there, and for it to be as informal as possible. There will probably be 25 of us in all, very close family and a few of her close friends with their children. I agree about the floral arrangements! I thought, as it was June, simple little pretty shaped glass bowls, even if they only had a single old fashioned English rose in them. I think that would look very pretty. Thank you again.