Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Jolly Sunday

I have written in the past about my particular love of Afternoon Tea, mostly enjoying the treat in a restaurant or hotel that specialise in the traditional fare. However when The Man and I decided we hadn't seen some family members for a while we decided to throw an Afternoon Tea at home. Numbers were around 13 adults and 4 children - a fair crowd so it had to be buffet table style. As usual we made far too much food, the table was positively groaning. Sandwiches [egg, smoked salmon, tuna, cream cheese and chive] - crusts cut off of course; sun-dried tomato palmiers; scones with jam and clotted cream; apricot palmiers; pavlova and a very naughty chocolate cake. All our guests did their best and were very appreciative but frankly we had to hand out doggy bags and freeze half the chocolate cake.

Still it was a very jolly afternoon, the grandchildren hadn't all been together for a while and do so enjoy seeing each other. Granddaughter No. 1 had helped with the preparation and written the Menu on cards and Grandson No. 2 was on his best behaviour and decided to be the waiter for our elderly relatives bringing them a selection from the table so they wouldn't have to get off their seats. Granddaughter No.2 provided entertainment with renditions of her favourite Disney songs whilst wearing her Sleeping Beauty dress [I think I have mentioned before her current obsession with dressing as a princess] and finally Grandson No. 1 who now at the almost teenage age of 12 has entered the "Kevin" years still managed to eat the largest slice of my chocolate cake and pronounced it as good as his favourite Pizza Express chocolate cake [there is no higher praise].


  1. Family get-togethers are the best reason for surviving into old age! Not that you have. I was talking about myself....

  2. Recently in the UK there was a newspaper article which said that the age people were considered to have entered "old age" had changed. As 40 year olds were no longer thought of themselves as middle aged, old age couldn't possibly start until 70! I'll go along with that. Frankly I know 80 year olds with more get up and go than some people in their thirties who have got into a dull rut. The Man's favourite Groucho Marx quote is "you are only as young as the woman you feel" and as he is still with me I can't have reached old age yet!

  3. i so muss afternoon teas. I do my best here but no one to relaly have it with plus no where to get stuff like clotted cream dn besides which, nowhere has decent tea here. I make my own.