Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Killing is over!

After watching the final episode of the excellent Danish Detective Series last Saturday to which, I admit, I had become addicted to the extent that I haven't accepted an invitation out for the last 10 weekends [the length of the series run]I thought my TV selection would revert to searching for a programme actually worth watching.

Just when I thought I could reclaim Saturday nights they announced that a new series of "Spiral" [a French Detective series also on BBC4] would begin in the same slot from this coming Saturday. I discovered this in its first series, watched the second series and I know will be glued to my screen for the forthcoming third! Like "The Killing" this French programme was clever, very well acted, with an intelligent script and devoid of the excess, unrealistic glamourisation of most of our home grown product and with the exception of "The Wire" the US imports.

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