Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Conference Season

We have just completed the Autumn round of Political Party Conferences. I have watched as much as I can take of speeches from Lib Dems, Labour and lastly Conservatives. In these tough times I find myself being hyper critical of the rhetoric.

I will keep my comments brief:- Clegg [Lib Dem and Coalition Deputy PM] having a tough time explaining to his party members that being in Government is not as easy as they think. You can promise the earth when you have no chance of getting into power, because you know you'll never have to deliver!

Milliband [Labour] the younger getting booed by some of his own party [not a good look], saying sorry for past huge mistakes and banging on about "values" and succeeding in upsetting the unions whose votes helped him into Leadership over his own far more able older brother. [It can't be easy being their Mother.] Somehow he just hasn't got it, his speech writers must be tearing their hair out.

Cameron [Conservative] the PM has grown more confident and this shows in his presentation. He has managed to hold the Coalition together [just about] and is sticking to his guns on the economy although it is not an easy sell to party delegates and the country as a whole. Some good common sense policies were outlined but we want to see less talk more action.

We are living in difficult times but I can't help thinking that the "doom and gloom" merchants in the media are not helping. I am not sticking my head in the sand but I do believe a little optimism and confidence goes a long way. I am determined to be positive [I just hope that doesn't become my epitaph.]

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