Tuesday, 1 November 2011

City of London Protests

Travelling to see clients in Central London yesterday I passed the Protest Camp at Finsbury Square and also the camp below the steps of St. Paul's. Big signs saying "Capitalism doesn't work there is another way" - but no signs saying what the other way actually is! Don't get me wrong peaceful protests like these should not be banned but I worry that whenever a spokesperson for the protest groups is interviewed they do not come across coherently.

What is the alternative? Communism didn't work, fascism didn't work - just hitting out at Capitalism as all bad, to my mind, is so narrow minded.

What is bad is GREED - ethical capitalism is what we need and it can be achieved.

We have a great deal of hypocracy in our country, people scream about the high salaries paid to captains of industry but not about the obscene wages paid to footballers.

Any new ideas out there?

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