Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fond Farewell

Today we attended the funeral of a friend who died far too soon at the tender age of 62. His wishes were to have a Humanist celebration of his life as he was not a religious man and his family followed his instructions. The funeral had one of the largest attendances I have seen over 200 friends and family. It was incredibly moving, the music was perfect, the readings very thoughtfully chosen to reflect the man we all knew, and the tributes from his son and his oldest friend reminded us of the reasons why we had all come to say a fond farewell.

He fought his illness so bravely that until very close to the end many of us did not realise how ill he was, his sheer willpower kept him going to see his son married and to have the joy of being Father of the Bride last year when his daughter married. Both his daughter and daughter-in-law are both pregnant and it is truly a tragedy that he will not be around to be the full-of-fun grandpa he would no doubt have been.

But he lived life to the full, he was full of good humour, a born raconteur with an endless fund of stories. He was truly a good human being and will be sadly missed.

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