Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Winter Blues

Winter has arrived with a vengence in London, no snow as yet but very cold with what my American friends call the "chill factor".

I am trying to decide if I can face going out again tonight. I should be going to a rehearsal of a Comedy Sketch Show I have been helping to script over the last few weeks. I have contributed generally but in particular supplied lyrics for four songs which I want to make sure are performed well. So...... cold or not I suppose I better get myself to the rehearsal. The trouble with Winter is it encourages me to hibernate.

I will cheer myself up by looking through some new photos we took at our place in Spain at Christmas.


  1. I hope you get to go to the rehearsal but don't get too chilled. Blessings Jane

  2. It's so difficult to drag ourselves out when it's cold outside. Still, I'm sure it will be worth it once you're there!! Stay warm!