Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Summer Memories

Since my last post back in April I have been concentrating on trying to win more work projects for my Consultancy and at the same time marketing our holiday apartments in Spain.  Evenings, when I used to catch up on my blog, were used for increased marketing efforts for both new projects and bookings for Spain.

We did have a really good Summer in Spain with guests from the North of England, Canada, London, Dublin and Barcelona who shared with us and our family the most fantastic weather and who, to our delight, loved staying at Vista Alegre.  We watched the Olympics and most of the Paralympics via TV, as we did not manage to get tickets we thought we might as well be watching from Spain. Even from a distance the excitement of it all gripped us and we added to the crowd noise whenever a British medal was won.   

The planting we have slowly been doing over the last couple of years at Vista Alegre is now coming into its own and adds to our wonderful views.  

Sitting here on a surprisingly cold Autumn day in my office in London I do wonder how I manage to drag myself away - here's to Christmas and New Year back in Spain.  Let me know if anyone cares to join us.


  1. Lovely to see you here again. Lovely photos of your gardens and, as you say, it is all really starting to take shape now. The Olympics and Paralympics were so exciting, and my goodness, our athletes did so well. It seems to have turned chilly here in England very early this year.

  2. Nice to hear from you too - hope things are well with you and your family. I will try to catch up on your posts that I have missed this summer. Let me know if you ever fancy holidaying in Spain.

  3. I was just contemplating putting up a post about how so many of my blogging friends seem to have left the blogosphere altogether, and here you are back again! Welcome back, Masia Mum!

    I figured you were much too busy with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics to get to the computer, and all the while it was Spain and your consulting business. As we (well, some) say here in the U.S., "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do."

    The photographs are lovely, especially the very inviting swimming pool. How did you ever find chairs the exact color of the water?