Sunday, 31 October 2010

Banishing the Winter Blues

It is only 9.10 am on Sunday morning, not a time I am normally wide awake enough to write. However my body still thinks it is 10.10 as last night we turned the clocks back to gain an extra hour of light in the mornings. Personally I would prefer to keep the clocks as they were and have an extra hour of light in the late afternoon. Nothing is more depressing than the winter months when it starts to get dark from about 3.30 pm.

To combat the unwelcome signs of oncoming winter The Man has booked tickets for us to go to a "Sixties Hop" that is being run by two friends celebrating their 65th birthday, the money raised is going to good causes. It is a very relaxed affair - come casual or dress 60s - just be prepared to dance the night away. Dancing has been a lifelong passion so I am going to dig into the deep recesses of my wardrobe to create a suitably retro outfit.


  1. Moving clocks' time does cause havoc with body rhythms, I agree! :0)

  2. Yay - I finally got in to comment - when I tried before, it just wouldn't let me --- was hung up or something ...

    Oh, a sock hop - never been to one but sounds loads of fun :-D

  3. We don't move the clocks back 2:00 AM on November 7th. Didn't realize we were out-of-sync with the U.K.

  4. I omitted the all-important "until"...