Friday, 1 October 2010

The passage of time

This weekend we are looking forward to celebrating the 80th Birthday of a very close friend. It is very difficult to accept that this is his age - he neither looks it or acts it. By that I don't mean he pretends to be younger, he is not whatever the male equivalent is of "mutton dressed as lamb" - just that he is still interested in the world and therefore the world is interested in him.

We are all told that we are going to have to work longer and retire [if we can or if we want to] later than perhaps planned because of the recession and ongoing problems of national debt. This is not, of course, good news but I must admit that although I am a grandmother and, as you all know by the name of my blog, over sixty - I don't see myself as "old". The media often launches into "40 is the new 30" and questions when middle-age begins. With many of The Daughter's generation delaying parenthood into their 30s, the old idea of middle-age starting at 40 is not longer applicable. With young children around to keep them young the whole cycle changes. Therefore I am declaring that middle-age doesn't begin until you are at least 55 and I shall personally not be growing old disgracefully for a good few years yet.

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