Sunday, 10 October 2010

Grandma Time

Last Friday played truant from work to spend the day with No.1 Grandaughter. She had the day off from school [Teacher's training day or something] and we had wanted to have some time with her to take her on a birthday shopping trip. She had her birthday earlier in the week and has reached the very mature age of 9. It is funny that this generation who spend so much time travelling in cars actually love going on trains and buses - so we obliged and took her "Up West" via the tube [London Underground] to Bond Street. She had book tokens to spend and we headed for Waterstones, three books duly acquired and it was time for lunch. There was quite a lengthy queue for tables as, as luck would have it, we had actually picked the best day of the week weatherwise and bucking gloomy economic forecasts the world and his neighbour seemed to be out and about in town. Leaving The Man in the queue we headed off for a little clothes buying in Gap [there was a sale on..... hurrah!]. She delighted in being allowed to select three new tops and we arrived back at the Restaurant to be shown straight to a table for 3. Although we usually take our grandchildren out together it was rather nice to be able to concentrate our attention on one at a time and hear all her news without the interruption from her older brother. She was particularly excited to tell us she had auditioned and won a part in a production of Aladdin. Rehearsals start in November and the production is over the Christmas and New Year holidays. All in all it was a lovely day even if it means I will have to catch up with some work over this weekend.

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  1. There is nothing better than time spent with a grandchild. How wonderful that No. 1 Granddaughter will be in Aladdin! Last weekend we saw our No. 2 grandson (age 14) and our one and only granddaughter (age 11) were in the Georgia Ballet's production of Pinocchio. He was a "Circus Boy" in one scene and they both had roles as "Ocean" in another.

    Making memories can't be beat.