Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fog and a new Princess

A couple of posts ago one of my American fellow bloggers posted a comment to me in rhyme which began "A foggy day in London Town" ......

I had been meaning to reply that the idea abroad that we are perpetually wreathed in fog went out with the 1956 Clean Air Act. Well it was lucky that I haven't had time to respond yet because today, guess what, we had a an old-fashioned pea-souper! It was foggy in the early morning, just misty for about an hour midday then down it came again. Lousy visibility for driving and that awful feeling of lingering damp. I am not sure I saw daylight today at all.

The News Stations, TV and Radio, were determined to brighten our day by continuously repeating the news that Prince William and his long-standing girlfriend Kate had anounced their engagement. Amidst all the usual news of economic woes, possible strike action and diminishing pensions it did make a change. I do hope our very invasive media give this new royal couple a chance to have some privacy. Prince William seems to have inherited some of the traits that made his late Mother so popular, he gave Kate the beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring that was Diana's because he wanted in some way to include his Mother in their happiness.

I do believe that the majority of the country are happy for them and are looking forward to celebrating a Royal Wedding probably in the Spring of 2011 but there are some mean-spirited people out there who are ringing into TV and Radio Shows to complain about the cost of a Royal Wedding when we are all having to tighten our belts. This country does seem to have more than its fair share of whingers.

Funnily enough the people interviewed who were most excited about the news were all American tourists - seems US citizens are fonder of our Royals than some Brits. I don't include myself in the party poopers group, good luck and much happiness is wished from this corner of the realm. Kate is starting with one huge advantage over the late Diana, her Prince chose her himself, defied the snobs who looked down on her none-aristocratic family and gave her time to see what she was letting herself in for [being Royal in the UK can be quite an ordeal] before declaring his love in a relaxed TV engagement interview. This was such a stark contrast to the awkward interview I remember Prince Charles and Diana giving when he made the much quoted "whatever that means" answer to be asked how it felt to be in love.


  1. All right, I confess: I was the "foggy day" commenter.

    I have been an Anglophile for a very long time. At one time I could name all of your monarchs in order starting with Alfred the Great, along with their years of reign, but time does strange things and I can no longer remember Ethelred from Ethelbert from Egbert (if there even was an Egbert) from Ethelbald...

    I do know that William and Harry are the latest in a long line that goes back to George I, and the term "House of Windsor-Mountbatten" is shorthand for the more accurate House of Hanover/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Windsor-Mountbatten. Tudors, Yorks, Lancasters, Plantaganets, and good old childless Queen Anne, where would the U.K. be without them?

    I suppose now people will be saying "William and Kate" instead of "William and Harry"...pity.

    The former duchess of York remains quite popular in the U.S., but I can't say the same for the duchess of Cornwall.

    Once I get started it's difficult to stop....

  2. Kate looked lovely yesterday. Very princesslike. I am pleased for them but I fear that with the blanket coverage that this is already receiving that I will be bored to tears of it by the time the Big Day comes round. I also worry for them - it's nice to be wealthy but I would rather be my own person than someone in a role like that.

  3. Masia Mum, I will most certainly read your tea post! BTW, my xmas tea is a virtual blog tea party so of course you can come--jsut need some creative flair! Read up on last year's adn you will get the gist. :)

    Oh, you are so right about fog. I tell people here all the time that it is far more foggy in Colorado thatn it ever was growing up in London!