Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Work Hard - Play Hard

Tomorrow I am off to run a Training Workshop on Relocation and Property Matters for organisations in the Charity Sector. It is actually a Free Workshop and we are providing lunch so, there is such a thing as a "Free Lunch".

Life is a bit hectic at the moment as The Man decided the time was right to redecorate. The Painter has been and gone and now we have a charming fellow from Slovakia laying wooden floors throughout - it will be great when it is finished but at the moment we are moving furniture from room to room and I have brought so many items out to my office at the bottom of the garden that I can just about get to my desk.

On a happier note two of our friends have confirmed their flights to come out and join us on holiday in our place in Spain for a week from Boxing Day [Dec. 26th]. We are also hoping that another two pals will also confirm flights soon. It is a lovely time to escape with friends and in addition there will be the added advantage of more hands to do the olive harvest.

We have just begun advertising our two large family sized apartments for 2011 and we have reduced the costs to make them as affordable as possible in these difficult economic times. The key is to book flights asap as they often end up being the most expensive element but great bargains can be had if you can organise your holiday days early. I know times are hard but my dear Parents who never had much money always dug deep to take us on holiday because we all felt so much better for the break. When my own kids were growing up The Man would drive us half way across Europe to stay in self-catering accommodation and we had some wonderful holidays. We tended to share holiday homes with friends and their children. A group of ten made it possible to afford some amazing places. A villa by an Italian Lake, a Hunting Lodge in the hills above Florence, a beautiful house on top of a hillside filled with lavender in the Var region of France and now we all congregate at our own Masia [traditional Estate Farmhouse] overlooking our own olive grove in the beautiful countryside inland from Alicante.

Tempt yourselves at http://www.vista-alegre.net/

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