Saturday, 6 November 2010

Treats and Guilty Pleasures

Just back from a delicious lunch out. The Man declared we needed a treat and took me to our favourite Fish Restaurant "Toffs" which is in Muswell Hill, North London. They serve the largest and most beautifully grilled Lemon Sole I have eaten anywhere. I boringly always order the same fish but, why not, if it is my favourite.

It has been a busy week with clients to meet all over London. As I've mentioned before I travel around on London Transport and my exercise regime is walking briskly, climbing up the escalators as I exit stations and walkng upstairs when viewing office properties for clients. All this is my substitution for going to a gym and is probably the only reason I am relatively fit and more or less content with my weight and dress size. It would be nice to be a little slimmer but that might mean giving up chocolate and cake which would be a sacrifice too far.

Whilst charging around the City I was very disappointed to see that one of my favourite shops had closed its branch at Moorgate. I have to admit to an addiction to a splendid hardware chain called "Robert Dyas", it is one of those shops you pop into just to have a look around and find yourself buying kitchen gadgets, or bathroom accessories you didn't even know you needed. I have discovered that this is not just my guilty pleasure and that there are quite a few secret R.D. addicts out there. If this is you - declare yourself - you will feel better to be among understanding friends.


  1. Your comment on my blog made me smil e- just imagining that rucksack sitting on that leather, riding along in style! *laugh* Love it!

  2. I always order the same thing in restaurants. Nothing wrong about it at all I think. :-)

  3. I will do that - have a favorite dish and want to order it each time I visit a favorite restaurant! Why not! yes!

  4. I order the same thing in restaurants all the time (and when I don't, and try something new, I am often disappointed).

    Am also a fan of Robert Dyas (also look out for Clas Ohlson, a bit like a Swedish version of Robert Dyas). Did you know they have an online store? Not the same as browsing, of course, but useful nonetheless.