Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Full Monty

You may remember that a few years ago a low budget British Film called "The Full Monty" became a worldwide success. It told the story of a group of out-of-work steel workers from Sheffield who became Strippers to earn a living [for those unfamiliar with the term "The Full Monty" it is an indication of the amount revealed!] As I was travelling about London today via the tube and therefore going up and down several escalators I couldn't help but notice a promotional poster which featured at regular intervals advertising the fast train service which could, in only just over 2 hours, take you to the delights of Sheffield. Said delights, if we are to believe the poster, being not the architecture, or museums but stripping steel workers. The posters design was a cartoon representation of an iconic still from the film. I wonder what the good people of Sheffield think about this promotion?


  1. Pity you couldn't have taken a photo of that poster., Masia Mum! I should think the people of Sheffield would like to think that their City had more to offer people than that! But I suppose it's all about instant recognition in the advertising business.

  2. Oh dear! Poor Sheffield - it must have more to offer than Robert Carlisle without his kecks.

  3. Ditto your other commenters! :-D

    (as to your comment on my blog - I LOVE the image of the children creating those boxes ....made me smile)