Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My Novelist Aspirations

I have my laptop centrally placed on my beautiful antique Indian Writer's Desk. It was a purchase I treated myself to when we started furnishing our home in Spain. I love it, it is gorgeous dark wood with a mosaic trim. It is so very "The Raj" and I can picture it in a colonial study in a tea plantation house or carried out to work outside on a perfectly mowed lawn. [It has folding legs so can be moved easily.] It was supposed to inspire me when time permits to write the novel we are all meant to have within us. Well so far, my novel is yet to be commenced, but blogs are written and emails both work and personal and who knows maybe one day the grand novel!

I used to think if I wrote fiction it would have to be pen to paper but there are such advantages to the computer - the instant ability to correct or simply reject some nonsense you have just written.

We are so lucky to be away from the extreme cold and snow of England right know and we are promised some sunshine here in the next few days and temperatures around 15 - 16 degrees which compared to London is positively balmy.

Friends arriving on Sunday so I will have to get beds made up and stock up with provisions. I do hope you all get time to be with friends and family too.

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