Sunday, 5 December 2010

In Praise of Panto

December 4th 2010 - a Star is born. Actually my gorgeous No.1 Grandaughter has been a star to me from the moment she was born in October 9 years ago. Yesterday we had the delight of seeing her appear in the Junior Chorus of a professional Panto production of Aladdin at the Palace Theatre in Watford. She is so obviously enjoying the experience but whether it will lead to a performing future - who knows? We had booked to go with The Daughter and her brood but the dreaded end of term bugs hit with both her two little ones being taken "poorly" so only me and The Man sat in the stalls clapping and cheering for our girl. We collected her afterwards and made her autograph our programme [with much giggling] and then delivered her safely home.

It has been years and years since I have been to a Pantomime, possibly only a couple of times when our two were very young. I must say this was a very slick professional show with good actors in the leads, well sung musical numbers and a child friendly script. With so much on television and on film that is violent or inappropriate for youngsters it is great to recommend this Panto as real family entertainment. Looking around the audience, children as young as 2 years and grandparents [like ourselves] were all having fun. Such a shame my other two grandchildren were unable to come as they would have loved it.


  1. you know, Masia, I can;t wait to be a grandparent one of these days. Waht a delight. A pantomime would be fun too but just being a grandparent would be the best.I never got the privilege of knowing mine so can only imagine. Enjoy. And thank you too for making an appearance off and on at the Christmas Tea. It was s mashing hit.

  2. Watching grandchildren perform is one of the greatest things on earth! Two of ours danced in The Nutcracker ballet last Friday evening and another played basketball Saturday afternoon. Exhilarating!

  3. Hi, Somehow I seem to have missed this post. Don't know what happened there! How wonderful for you to watch your granddaughter in Aladdin. I bet you were so proud!! As you say, such a shame the other little ones couldn't have been there to see it with you. Hope they're feeling better now.