Sunday, 15 May 2011


Just a quick post to let you know that, after suggestions from friends, I have started a new Blog Wise Old Birds [wiseoldbirds] to channel the gained wisdom of my and my friends and fellow bloggers mature years. Not "Grumpy Old Women" which is not a flattering title but "Wise Old Birds" or for short Wobs on the Web! Why not be the first to visit and add a word of wisdom.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.......Work has been rather busy of late as I am in the process of relocating two major charities and up to my eyes in legals, office fit-outs and furniture sourcing. The current spate of exceedingly good weather has made dashing around London, as I do, very pleasant. I am a train, tube and bus users and a fast walking pedestrian and it is always great not to have to worry about getting drenched by showers in the process.

We had a lovely day yesterday with The Daughter and Grandchildren and my mutual Grandmother [The Daughter's Ma-in-law] who all came over to us for lunch and tea. The children were expecting what they call a "Sleep-over" and got a bit tearful when they had to leave. We saved the day by booking one for next Saturday night when we will try to get the other two Grandchildren over as well - I know you all think we must be certifiable but what the hell!

All of the family have been very affected by a recent very severe accident to our good friend and mutual Grandfather [The Daughter's Pa-in-law] who has been hospitalised with a spinal injury. He is in the best possible hospital [RNOH] and receiving wonderful care but it will be a long haul and all the family can do is visit and try and encourage his fighting spirit. Bad things do seem to happen to good people.

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