Thursday, 28 April 2011

Envy OK Jealousy Bad!

During my 10 day break in Spain I have watched with increasing depression the various 24 hour news channels. The world is not a very stable place at the moment but that accepted I cannot understand why the British, in particular, seem to want to focus on the doom and gloom.

When did we become such a nation of moaners? If anyone makes a successful career for themselves or whose business is doing well there are so many jealous comments. People seem to begrudge anyone else having more material wealth no matter how hard they worked to achieve it or from how deprived a background they have risen.

Other countries I have visited [particularly the US] celebrate success and yes, perhaps envy those who achieve it, but do not begrudge them their success. This mean spirit does not bode well when we are, as a nation, going through tough times.

I am determined personally to applaud those who have worked hard and have the comfortable lifestyle and monetary cushion to ride through recession. These are the people who can create jobs and many do, also many of these people contribute vast sums to the less fortunate via charity donations and their own grant giving trusts.


  1. The impression that we Americans are now getting of Britain is that all anyone over there can think about is how thrilled they are about the wedding (Andrew and what's her name). If anyone in the whole land is less than exuberant about the joys of having a powerless monarchy of super rich people that live off the backs of the taxpayers, we Americans don't hear about it.

  2. Hi Snowbrush

    Of course the majority of the population have been enjoying the occasion of the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine [Kate], the weather was great, the sun shone, the bride was beautiful in a fantastically elegant gown and we all had a great time. Even the few die-hard pro-Republicans held their own Street Party just because they had an extra day off work. But the goodwill is very much directed towards Prince William who has always held the affection of those who remember his mother Diana. His choice of a "commoner" as his bride, importantly "his choice" has also shown his late mother's influence. For the Monarchists who worried that the Monarchy might end with the current Queen [who is still admired] think this young couple could be the future.......who knows?

    But, trust me, give the public a week or so to forget all the excitement and they will be moaning again about having to work longer before they can get their state pensions and retire, cuts in public services and, when the current surprising good weather ends and it rains again, the usual British standby winge about the weather!

  3. Well, on the subject of the royal wedding, someone sent me the following cartoon: