Thursday, 28 April 2011

Envy OK Jealousy Bad!

During my 10 day break in Spain I have watched with increasing depression the various 24 hour news channels. The world is not a very stable place at the moment but that accepted I cannot understand why the British, in particular, seem to want to focus on the doom and gloom.

When did we become such a nation of moaners? If anyone makes a successful career for themselves or whose business is doing well there are so many jealous comments. People seem to begrudge anyone else having more material wealth no matter how hard they worked to achieve it or from how deprived a background they have risen.

Other countries I have visited [particularly the US] celebrate success and yes, perhaps envy those who achieve it, but do not begrudge them their success. This mean spirit does not bode well when we are, as a nation, going through tough times.

I am determined personally to applaud those who have worked hard and have the comfortable lifestyle and monetary cushion to ride through recession. These are the people who can create jobs and many do, also many of these people contribute vast sums to the less fortunate via charity donations and their own grant giving trusts.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Passover in Spain

Sitting at my beautiful Indian Writing Desk at my Spanish Masia looking at over our land with the sun shining and the sky a stunning deep blue - heaven! We arrived early yesterday after one of those ghastly, up at 2.30 am, early flights. But now we are here it was, as always, worthwhile.

This trip it wil be mostly just me and The Man, The Daughter and her crew are in California [Universal Studios, Disneyland, Death Valley Ranch, Yosemite, etc.] and our only visitors will be Big Sister and Brother-in-law who are arriving tomorrow for 4 days.

Tonight is the beginning of Passover and the first of two Seder Nights where traditionally families gather together to read the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Tonight we are going into Alicante to attend a Communal Seder with the small Jewish community in the area. We went to one of these about four years ago and found that in addition to the locals it was quite an international gathering with attendees from Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, and America swelling the ranks.

Tomorrow when our visitors arrive we will go to another Communal Seder slightly further away along the coast towards Valencia. This means I can be realy lazy

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Travelling today on a very crowded Circle Line train in the evening rush hour my mood was lightened by a Tube Driver with a sense of humour.

For those unfamiliar with the London Underground Lines, the Circle Line does what the name suggests - goes round in a circle. So there we were waiting to leave Edgware Road Station when over the tannoy comes "This is a Circle Line train via Baker Street, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, Tower Hill and Victoria back to Edgware Road - anyone who has nothing better to do is welcome to come for a circular ride with me". I laughed out loud, and another lady passenger near me smiled. Everyone else - no reaction! What a load of dreary, boring people. What has happened to having a sense of humour?

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Bedroom Chair

Why does The Man assume the attractive white chair we have in our bedroom is for his personal use as a depository for all the clothes he cannot be bothered [his version "needs first thing in the morning"!!] to hang up or put away in drawers or straight into the laundry basket? I have been battling for years to wean him off this habit. No matter how often I tidy up, the chair gets refilled.

Now we have our property in Spain he is taking the practice to international levels. I created a writing table within our bedroom which naturally needed a chair [hard to write or type standing up]. Within days he had appropriated said chair for the usual purpose. I protested that it was bought to match my writing desk and he was not allowed to leave clothes on it. Next thing I see a folding black plastic chair brought in from the store room placed in a corner rapidly disappearing beneath trousers and tee shirts etc. every night.

I know I cannot/and do not expect my bedrooms to look like a Elle Decoracion photoshoot but if anyone has a cure please respond.