Monday, 19 July 2010


Last Friday night we returned the invitation to dinner to our friends who had so kindly looked after us after an exhausting day on the office move of one of our clients. This week they had been dismantling an art exhibition and were in need of sustenance.

Saturday was the anniversary of the death of my Mother and as is the Jewish custom I went to Synagogue to say a Memorial Prayer. In the evening I lit a candle which will stay alight for 24 hours. It is a good tradition but I don't need a reminder as I think of her all the time and I know how proud she would be of her grandchildren's successes and how she would have adored the great-grandchildren she never lived to meet. I hope she was watching on Saturday night when we have had a late booking for the spare bedroom from our eldest two grandchildren. They appeared clutching their end of year school reports for us to read. Both sets were absolutely splendid - I wish I had had such good reports when I was at school far too many years ago!

On Sunday we had our first guests of this Summer arriving at our Spanish property "Vista Alegre" - they are staying in the first floor apartment which we call "Almendras" - all OK, our House Manager confirmed they found the property and she has settled them in. The weather in Ibi is fantastic and they should have a great week. To make you all jealous I am attaching some pool pictures.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog - delighted to welcome you. This is a return call - Spain looks lovely and the pool very welcoming. Do call again.

  2. I have just discovered your blog though Weaver's. That certainly looks like a very inviting pool and I thoroughly enjoyed your observations on the TV programmes that only seem to show the Brits who have left their brains at home. I suppose success stories are not considered to be entertaining television.

  3. Hello, I have popped over to welcome you to blogopolis after reading your comment on Weaver's latest post, I wish I could have brought a real cake but I guess the virtual neighbourhood has it's limitations. Do hope you enjoy your blog as much as I enjoy mine.

  4. My link doesn't seem to have worked. One more try.