Thursday, 8 July 2010


Reluctantly, as I am not a morning person, I had arranged to meet a client at Borough Station at 9 am this morning to view three potential offices for his organisation. This trip across town reminded me of the two extremes of living in London. The Northern Line decided to revert to its "Misery" years and cancelled two trains so that the Morden via Bank route I needed to use was at maximum sardine mode. Being barely 5ft.2ins. I suffer from inability to reach the overhead bars to hang on and the delightful view and smell of other travellers armpits. The relief of finally arriving at Borough and emerging into even muggy air was enormous. The tube in any heatwave is revolting. The office viewings did, however, lead to a walk along the river from Tower Bridge passed the very strange London Assembly Building along the bank to London Bridge. It is when I do these walks that I remember how much I love London, I am not anti-modern [Prince Charles style] I love the London Eye and the great architects who designed it Julia and David Barfield were clients of mine several years ago when I found them their offices in South London. The Gherkin has a certain something but I am not sure I am going to love The Shard which is growing apace at London Bridge. Somehow the best of the modern works alongside some of the beautiful landmark buildings which show to their best advantage from a riverside viewpoint.

I am now the proud possessor of a Freedom Pass so the pain of even the worst of journeys [like this morning's Northern Line experience] is allieviated by not having to pay. Except of course having used London Transport solidly throughout my working life and paid the often exhorbitant fares, I reckon I've probably earned it.

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  1. My years of taking Southern Rail trains to work now seem like a doddle compared to your London traumas. I definitely think you've earned your Free Pass.