Thursday, 22 July 2010

Old Friends / New Blog

Last night was a rare treat dinner with friends at a lovely restaurant in St John's Wood, nothing much beats good food and good company. The dinner was our belated birthday present to them. A few months ago they threw a 100th Party to celebrate their joint arrival at a half century but, all being busy people, it had taken ages to find a mutually available date. We were practically the last to leave the restaurant we were chatting so much, bringing each other up-to-date on the latest news of their children and our children and grandchildren.

Another early start this morning to meet Clients in Southwark. Decided to use the overground train from my local station and change to the tube at Moorgate. Unfortunately there is no escape from the mobile phone on overground trains. Isn't it strange the way people are prepared to shout into their mobiles revealing all kinds of personal details to a carriage full of complete strangers?

I was without a book or paper to read on my way back to the office and I hate just sitting on a train staring into space so got a notebook out as I thought it would be useful to make some notes on the properties I had just viewed with my clients. Instead I found myself scribbling down a rhyme, must have been triggered by last night's dinner discussions where we touched briefly on the satirical revues we used to write together. After twenty plus years of scriptwriting [poems, sketches, lyrics] I must admit I miss it.

So I have decided to keep another blog for poems - first one on today. If anyone is interested look at

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