Thursday, 15 July 2010


After the first flush of enthusiastic writing I am afraid work commitments have taken over and this will be my first post since Monday. A delightful communication from the Inland Revenue arrived reminding me I had to pay my half yearly tax bill by 31 July - always a delightful time of year for the self-employed. A day later a notification from the State Pension that my virtually non-existent pension was rising to 92p. a week [yes ninety-two pence!]. A crazy state of affairs caused by my not working for approximately 5 years when my kids were pre-school and then working part-time while they were in primary education. The "married women's NI stamp" which I was advised to pay has now been totally discredited as it has left many women like me with these ridiculous pension amounts. So no likelihood of retirement even if I wanted to - which incidentally I don't.

My daughter and my two youngest grandchildren paid a fleeting visit this morning to leave their car on our forecourt and be collected from here to go to Stansted Airport en route to a short holiday in Ireland. Mayhem for about half an hour.

I am now personally counting the days until we can leave for our Summer holiday in our place in Spain.

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  1. Came across you via Weaver of Grass, and decided to come and welcome a new blogger to the wonder that is Blogland! Long may you post!