Monday, 12 July 2010


I was too exhausted to write on Friday as we had spent the entire day supervising the removal of the entire contents of an office at the Angel that we are reorganising for clients. Luckily very kind friends had offered us a Friday night meal which we had accepted with alacrity, so all we had to do was get home, shower, change and let someone else feed us a delicious meal in their glorious garden.

Saturday we had been pre-booked by daughter and son-in-law to have our two youngest grandchildren to stay for a "sleepover" so no time to rest there! They are absolutely delicious [yes I am a biased Grandma]and they were both in top form. After a water hose down in the garden the little one was sufficiently exhausted to be ready for an early night and our lad snuggled next to his Papa to watch the football.

Sunday was back to work again at the Angel supervising the installation of the new furniture ready for the clients to return to work on Monday and Tuesday. As you can see just because we are in our sixties now the pace hasn't slowed and honestly I don't think that's a bad thing. The team we had working were all anxious to get back to watch the World Cup Final, as were we, and this was achieved.

Having our second home and many friends in Spain we were not neutral and watched with pride as the Spanish played beautiful football and deservedly, eventually got the winning goal. We will no doubt still find our friends celebrating when we arrive in Spain at the beginning of August. Most of our friends are football mad, particularly our friend and neighbour Pepe who has a full size football pitch on his land with home team and visitor changing rooms and a bar!!!

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