Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Late last night my husband was flicking through the TV channels with the remote [which naturally is his possession and which I am allowed to use only when he is not watching!] and he came across a recording of Tom Jones at Glastonbury [was it last year?]. Anyhow the guy still rocks, with a mainly young crowd singing along with not only his newer numbers but also amazingly knowing all the words of some vintage Jones. It certainly brings back memories especially when he sang "It's not unusual" which I can remember watching him sing on my Parents' black and white TV back in the 60s on 6.5 Special.

Nice to see he can still dance - me too. I do think he looks better now he has given up the very obvious black hair dye and gone with the grey, it suits him. I decided a few years ago that as my hair was determined to go silver that I would stop fighting it, it has saved me a fortune in hairdresser's bills.

It has been quite a nostalgic week all round. My grandaughter carries around a small toy horse which we named "Champion" and forced the poor child to hear us sing "Champion the Wonder Horse". Anyway the other day while staying with her other Grandparents they found on YouTube a clip of the original TV series with Frankie Laine singing and, bless her heart, she accompanied him word for word [not bad for a 2 year old]. She kept running the clip over and over again and we have been told we will have to watch it with her when she and her brother come to sleepover this Saturday. My husband loved the original programme and he started recalling his favourites from that era so no doubt he will be trawling the net for clips of gems such as Rin Tin Tin, The Cisco Kid etc etc - perhaps I'll leave home............................

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  1. Hehehe! I remember Champion the Wonder Horse, too, though we didn't have a TV at the time - I used to watch at my friend's house as a special treat!